• We are a 'Glocal' Church. We act locally and impact globally. Yes, it's a new kind of Church.
    我們是一所國際性本土教會 (Glocal Church)。在所處的地方運作並帶來全球性的影響。對了,這是一類新品種的教會。
  • We are A CHURCH THAT CARES. We embrace all people, regardless of age, gender, class, country and culture because JESUS loves all people. We choose each other as friends and family and we strive to love Jesus more perfectly as a Community.
    我們是一所滿有關愛的教會(A Church that Cares),不論年齡、性別、階級、國藉、膚色、文化及信條,所以我們歡迎所有的人。我們彼此選擇作大家的朋友及家人,我們會也彼此砥礪琢磨,成為更愛耶穌的群體。

  • We are a House with many rooms. People from different places worshipping in their language. People of different ages and life stages with different worship styles growing and serving together. Though we are many nations and generations yet we are ONE Church.

  • We are a Church where young people are released into leadership and ministry and touching their generation. We have both the vision of the old and the vitality of the young; living together in Unity.

  • We pray, “Let Heaven Come!” because it is the Lord's Plan to make earth more like heaven, people more like JESUS. When we pray we encounter the FATHER, entrusted with the message of JESUS CHRIST; the timeless truths of Scripture shared in a timely way and empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT.

  • We declare the arrival of His KINGDOM through preaching. We describe the nature of the KINGDOM through teaching and we demonstrate the power of the KINGDOM through helping the needy and healing the sick. We are a KINGDOM BRINGER – His messengers; His hands and feet; we reflect and represent JESUS to the world bringing His KINGDOM to people everywhere and linking people to the KINGDOM life of righteousness, peace and joy.

  • We are an ordinary people who has the audacity to do the impossible because we believe in an extraordinary God who makes all things possible.

  • We willingly and gladly carry our Cross and pay the cost in order to obey JESUS. We count it an honour to live for JESUS because He died for us and we are not satisfied with anything less, for there is no greater joy in life than following Him every day.

  • We are the Church. We not only bring people to Church but we bring the Church to people. We are a Church with a difference because we are the Church of JESUS CHRIST!

  • We are a 'Glocal' Church. We act locally and impact globally. Yes, it's a new kind of Church.