This weekend, we are gathering in person at 50% capacity per service (150 seats). Each member will need to pre-register for the service they wish to attend. This will help us manage our numbers. Registration upon arrival may take some time due to new government regulations. Please arrive early to allow some time for that.

If you have registered for a service and are unable to join us, you can cancel your registration online or email us at service.registration@icahk.org so that we can release your seats to others. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding during this time.

Bilingual Worship Service at 11:00am

Children Church (English) at 11:00am 

As we reopen, please take note: 

1.    If the following applies to you, please join us online instead: 
o    currently exhibiting symptoms associated with Covid-19
o    currently living in the same household as someone serving a mandatory quarantine 
o    unvaccinated without medical exemption
2.    When you register for a service, a confirmation email will be sent to you. On the day, you can check-in using your name or phone number.
3.    Pre-registered attendees will need to have their temperature checked upon arrival and wear a mask at all times.
4.    Attendees will need to check in with our team, scan the venue QR code on the LeaveHomeSafe app and have their vaccination record ready to be scanned. 
5.    You will need to fill in a form on site if you fall under the following categories:

  • Holding a COVID-19 vaccination medical exemption certificate without a QR code
  • Holding a vaccination record of having received COVID-19 vaccine(s) outside Hong Kong, without a relevant QR code issued in Hong Kong
  • Children aged below 12 not accompanied by an adult

6.    No food and drinks will be allowed inside the main sanctuary.
 7.    Children's Church will meet in person. Parents, please help to pre-register your child for the service on the “Church Center” app.
Please take note of the dosage schedule for the vaccine pass:

Persons aged 18 and above

  • From 20 March to 29 April
    • 1 dose
  • From 30 April to 30 May
    • 2 doses
  • From 31 May onwards 
    • 2 doses (if 2nd dose was received in the last 6 months)
    • 3 doses (if 2nd dose was received more than 6 months prior)

Persons aged 12 to 17:

  • From 20 March to 29 April
    • 1 dose
  • From 30 April to 30 May 
    • 1 dose (if 1st dose was received in the last 6 months) 
    • 2 doses (if 1st dose was received more than 6 months prior)
  • From 31 May onwards 
    • 2 doses (if 2nd dose was received in the last 6 months)
    • 3 doses (if 2nd dose was received more than 6 months prior)

With the capacity restrictions, we know we can't have everyone in the room together and majority will still be joining us online. We are live streaming our 11:00am service for those who would like to be part of our in-person service but can't be there physically.

See you this Sunday at one of our services!

Facebook:@ icahk.chaiwan

Email : ica.chaiwan@icahk.org


ICA柴灣弟兄姊妹 平安! ​ 


每位出席者需先在應用程式「Church Center」預先登記他們將參與的崇拜,這會幫助教會管理出席人數(柴灣禮堂50%可容納人數是150人)。在聚會當天,請預早15分鐘前來,在抵達教會門口時,按政府新的規定,作登記程序。 

假設您登記了柴灣雙語崇拜,但卻未能如期出席的話,您可以在應用程式「Church center」中取消預約或電郵我們:icachaiwan.church@icahk.org.以騰出位置讓其他弟兄姊妹能參與。感謝您的配合及理解! 


1/ 若您出現以下情況,請以線上形式參與實時轉播的崇拜: 

  • 當前出現任何與 Covid-19 相關的症狀 
  • 現時與接受強制隔離的人住在同一個居所 
  • 未接種疫苗且未獲得醫療豁免(需接種的劑量會於下文詳述)

2/ 當您登記參與崇拜時,您將會收到一封確認電郵。在崇拜當天,您可以透過您的姓名或電話號碼作入場報到。 

3/ 入埸時時需要測量體溫並於任何時間戴上口罩。 

4/ 請在報到時配合我們的招待隊,使用應用程式「安心出行」掃瞄ICA柴灣的場地二維碼,並準備好疫苗接種記錄供招待隊掃瞄。 

5/ 如果您屬於以下類別,則請現場填寫表格: 

  • 持有COVID-19 疫苗豁免接種證明,但沒有香港政府發出相關的二維碼。  
  • 持有在香港以外地區接種過 COVID-19 的疫苗接種記錄,但沒有香港政府發出相關的二維碼 
  • 12 歲以下無成人陪同的兒童 

6/ 教會場地內一律禁止飲食。

7/ 兒童崇拜亦同時恢復實體聚會。請家長協助孩子先在應用程式「Church Center」登記



  • 由2022年3月20日至4月29日:完成接種第一針 
  • 由2022年4月30日至5月30日:完成接種第二針 
  • 由2022年5月31日起:

– 完成接種第二針(如果第二針在六個月內接種)
– 完成接種第三針(如果第二針已在六個月前接種)


  • 由2022年3月20日至4月29日:完成接種第一針 
  • 由2022年4月30日至5月30日:

– 完成接種第一針(如果第一針在六個月內接種)
– 完成接種第二針(如果第一針已在六個月前接種)

  • 由2022年5月31日起:

– 完成接種第二針(如果第二針在六個月內接種)
– 完成接種第三針(如果第二針已在六個月前接種) 





Facebook:@ icahk.chaiwan

Email : ica.chaiwan@icahk.org

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